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Why the Ice Bucket Challenge is bad for you


This might be one of the more ableist things I’ve ever read on the big bad expanse on the internet. 

Okay, I get it, I do, you don’t want to dump ice water on yourself. You don’t want to feel guilted into donating to a cause you know nothing about. That’s fine. 

Do some research. Google ALS. Read about what it does to people. 

That’s right. PEOPLE. Remember, the actual reason we donate to these causes? 

It’s not, and SHOULD NOT, be a numbers game. This article talk about how ALS only killed 6,879 in the last year, but Heart Disease killed 596,577, so we should send more money to them, because it’s doing more damage. 

So imagine, for a moment, you have ALS. And you read something like that. This is a guy telling people that you don’t matter enough to get money that will fund research to help save your life or ease your suffering. 

Oh, but ALS research is well funded. What does well-funded even mean? According to Gilmore, it’s dollars per death. So according to his math, each person who died of ALS last year was worth $3,382, whereas Heart Disease deaths only were worth $90. 

Except it doesn’t work that way. 

How much treatment does 3 grand get you? I don’t have to tell anyone on this website with a chronic illness or degenerative disease that just one trip to the ER, plus an MRI, an EEG, and an EKG, can run you up to well over three thousand dollars. And that’s WITH insurance. 

And that’s not even how it works. Research costs more. Research requires grants, and testing, and trials. Well funded does not mean well-researched.

Let’s run that one again, for those of you who are skimming: WELL FUNDED DOES NOT MEAN WELL-RESEARCHED. 

By Gilmore’s logic, I shouldn’t donate to ALS. Why? Besides the fact that heart disease kills more people, obviously. 

Because I don’t have it. And I don’t know anyone that has it. So why should I care? I should look at the numbers.

But here’s the best part. 

By the numbers, I don’t matter.

I have severe clinical depression. Anxiety. OCD. PTSD. I have Tourettes Syndrome. By the numbers, these disorders in concert affect very few Americans, never mind causing deaths. 

So fuck me, right? To hell with me. Who cares about how a little research into my condition could have gotten me a diagnosis twenty years ago instead of when I was twenty-four (Yes, that happened, I didn’t get diagnosed with a disorder normally pinpointed IN CHILDHOOD because doctors didn’t know what to look for).

But really, it’s just a numbers game. So fuck the chronically ill, to hell will the people suffering. They’re not people, they’re dollar signs, because that’s what matters. 

Fuck you, Scott Gilmore. Fuck you for being an ableist asshole who reduces people’s suffering to dollar bills and statistics. And he’s not the only one. 

Donate to ALS or don’t. I don’t care. But don’t FOR A SECOND think that the people who actually have ALS don’t deserve the research into their illness, don’t deserve better quality of life.

I don’t care where your money goes, as long as you remember that it’s going to people


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